Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I want to share with you a true story, and I believe that it will bless you as much as it did me.

Following Kenneth Cox teachings on 3ABN (TV) have blessed me so very much. For a number of weeks, he has been teaching on Revelation, and today was the last chapter---Victory Is Won! A wonderful teaching which can be viewed on his site, kennethcoxministries.org
I will not go into the teaching; but what I want to tell you, is the true story that was given at the end of the teaching.

A man and wife were rerturning from a mission field in Africa. They were old now, with little money, and their health was broken. They were boarding a sailing vessel, back to America. Bands were playing, flags waveing, and a lot of excitement was on board.

The missionary couple learned that Teddy Roosevelt was aboard; returning from a hunting trip in Africa. Excitement continued throughout the voyage.

The missionary husband complained to his wife, "It just isn't fair!" "We have given our whole lives in Africa, and no one noticed us with music, or flowers, nor anything!" "It just isn't fair!"
Now throughout the whole trip the husband was very unhappy, shakeing his head and repeating aloud, "It just isn't fair!"

Arriving in New York City, they found small quarters in the City, and proceeded to secure jobs so they could survive. The husband was still unhappy and muttering, "It just isn't fair!"

Finally the wife said to him, "I think you better go into the bedroom and get this settled with God, now. So the husband did as his wife suggested.

Upon his return, the wife said, "Well, did you do it?" With a satisfied look, he said, "Yep!" And the wife said, "Well?" "What did you say, and what did He say?" Looking a bit sheepish, the husband said, "Well, I told Him how unfair it all was---I told him just how I felt." A pause, and then the wife said, "What did He have to say?" With a tiny smile, the husband spoke----"He said,-- Son, you aren't home, yet!"

How many times have we gone through just what this man felt and said? And it was probably for much less than what he had endured.
I must admit that I had to hang my head and think how merciful my Father is to me.

I pray this bit of wisdom touched your heart as it did mine. His love is great toward us. Praise His Holy Name!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The world is tossing to and fro, and during this time, we as Christians, must keep our vessel afloat and remember Who is our Anchor.
Who has directed our path up to this point, and Who will continue?
I pray your answer is the same as mine---Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour!
With the true story that I want to tell you next, may you relax, and find that Holy Spirit is truly our helper in all situtations.
In my last Blog, I have set the stage, here, for another adventure where Holy Spirit will definetly be a Precious Helper.
Please understand, I am definetly feeling alone, as to having any Christian friends.
One day I was in a desperate mood and wondering how I was ever going to find any Christians. I terriably missed the fellowship that came immediately after I was saved. Pouring out my heart to God, once more I got into my "bug" and headed for a nearby road that had a number of houses lined-up on it. Speaking aloud ---"Lord! Help me find some Christians!" Silence. I didn't know a soul on this road; but surely, some house could give me a clue!
Up and down the road my little "bug" chugged several times until I made a decision that started my heart to race. I couldn't just keep going past the same houses. A decision had to be made! Picking out one house, I decided I would just find out!
Going up to the door, with my heart raceing, I gently knocked and almost hoped that no one was home because I really did not know what I was going to say.
I was about to leave, with a sigh of relief, when the door opened!
A tall lady stood before me, and I somehow blurted out, "Does a Christian
live here?" From behind her, a voice came from a high balcony, that said,
"Praise The Lord" "Christians live here!"
Breathing a sigh of relief, they invited me to come in and we had a wonderful conversation!
The voice from the balcony was a man that headed Home Prayer Meetings!
Imagine that!!!
Well you can imagine the good time we had, talking about the Lord!
This was the start of being able to be in fellowship with God's saints, and even resulted in being baptised completely in water---just like Jesus! That is another story that sometime I might get to share it with you.
Our Lord is full of surprises, and He has given me many to share, that you might see how merciful He is to us.
Until another time, keep reading and talk'n to the Lord. He will bless you!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Help From God

Do you ever just sit quietly and ponder on the times that God has helped you? It is a wonderful way to renew our minds-thinking, when things have gone a bit off.
Just after I was saved, I had to return to the State where I was living. I was sure there was not a soul saved in this particular tourist-town and I was wondering how I would ever survive! So, I set out to read more of God's Word.

Just where to start? Was there a particular place that God wanted me to read in His Word?

After about 15 minutes,for some reason or other I got in my little "Bug" and just drove down to the next mountain town. Coming into this town, I turned right and then next left, parked on a typical neighborhood street and looked across the street to a house that sold books. Got out of car, walked into the house which I could see was filled with used books. No one approached me. I took a short few steps, reached for a green covered book, saw 25 cents marked on inside cover, paid for book and left.

Well, you might say, "That's strange!" I didn't even think much about how "strange" it was, right then. I did think a bit later---I have never been to that place! Didn't know it existed!

When I returned home, I settled down to have a look at what I purchased for 25 cents. I liked books, and 25 cents sounded like a good buy; but what did I buy? Reading the title it said, "The Greatest Story Ever Told" And other words read: The Timeless Bestselling Life Of Jesus Christ.

So I thought, "Well, this is probably a good book and I'll have a look at it."

Hours later, I reluctantly laid it down. That book explained so much in a very simple manner and as I thought more about it, and how it came to be in my hands,I simply decided it was just what I needed to start me off in God's Word. I just left it there.

Sometime later, I realized what had happened---really a miracle! God knows us so well. He knew I needed to be introduced to Him in a story form that I could understand, simply. He was right. That reading sparked my desire to keep knowing more about the Jesus that had just saved me.

Then, the Bible was opened to me and I was started on the best adventure of my so-far life!

We never know how Holy Spirit will work in our lives; but I do know that if we just trust and let Him have His way with us, that we are in for many welcomed surprises.

In my next Blog, I will tell you of another time where Holy Spirit led me on another adventure!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

GG's CATCH-UP for 2012

Finally! A new Blog is in order! Can't say what has happened to the time---I just know it went-by!
To catch-up a bit---the Spring and Summer days found me collecting flowers to dry and put on cards for our 20th Nov. sale.
This time is also very busy keeping-up with outside work. Planting flowers to put on my deck and also in my garden.
While my daughter and her husband were away several times during the summer, GG kept 3 dogs eating and playing ball! Seeing that plants had enough water, and weeding!
Late fall I collected some unusual leafs for drying, and then they were put into
interesting designs on card-stock.
November we had our usual Card Sale for friends and new friends. The family-room was ablaze with beautiful color and designs that were turned into unusual
cards. Even though last year and this year were a bit down in sales, we appreciated people taking time from their busy days to come and see what was new.
I have promised myself that I would get back to Portrait Painting after Christmas---well, the new year is in full swing and I haven't even started!
It took awhile to get my house back in order after taking down too many
decorations---but I love it! Through the years, friends have gifted me with
unusual gifts and I always look forward to decorating my house with them!

My Grandmother had a very large German Bible that she kept out in full view, right beside her chair and library table. Somehow I received it. After many years, it was falling apart and I decided to take it apart and keep all the pictures
and many drawings. There were sketches of the disciples---about 2x2 in size, and I decided to paint them---one by one. I still have 5 to do. Right now, Steven is still looking at me from my easel!
What is happening to the time???
Something nice to share with you-----I believe I have been Journaling most of my life and didn't even know it. I just knew I had many small notebooks where I would write down thoughts of what I wanted to remember. I started to see these pretty larger notebooks and I couldn't resist buying one now and then, plus my daughter and friends would give me unusal Journaling books---loved it!
This began my journey with the Lord in writing down my thoughts to him.
You can Journal any time that is best for you and I liked that; however mostly, I start my day with talk'n to the Lord. I simply adore Him and it is a pleasure to spend my morning telling Him this!
He has already given me my next talk-time to you and I can hardly wait to prepare it!
The evening is fast closing and I must say goodnite and God's blessings to each of you. With love, GG Charlotte

Monday, April 11, 2011


Looking through my kitchen window, I longingly desired to see some sun shining! For many days Oregon was just plain WET! What happened to the Sun, Lord?

I turned to fill a glass of water and thru the glass I saw a bright light---looking up I saw the Sun shining through my window as if to say, "How about this?"

Well I can tell you that I was at a loss for words; but it didn't take me long to recover as out came---"Praise the Lord!" "Now stay out long enough to dry things up a bit!"

I laughed thinking that would be a Miracle; however as the day wore on, the Sun continued to shine and the weather was warmer and suddenly my thoughts were---"yellow violets!"
Out loud I said, "I wonder if I can find that patch of yellow violets in the woods?" YoYo's ears perked-up when he heard the word "woods" and he started toward the door! "Wait YoYo! I got to put on my mud shoes!" YoYo stood at the door ready to go, right now! He eyed me sitting down and I'm sure he thought this was going to take awhile; however I was anxious to get to the woods and before he could settle-in, I was up, slapped my old pink hat on my head, grabbed the scissors and kleenex box and a pair of yellow rubber gloves and out the door with YoYo shooting between my legs! That dog is gonna trip me up one of these days!

We headed for the nearby woods that was just past Ray's Car-Barn, his favorite "Man Cave" where he can spend hours having a good time with his shiny purple car, a winner of many trophies that adorn the Computer Room.
Now, some people just have a dog and Ray has a dog, 2 dogs! One to protect his Man-Cave toys, and many Rhodie plants---and Wife, my daughter, Ann.

Now where was I?
Oh yes! YoYo and I are almost to the woods and hopefully I will find the path to the "yellow violet patch!" Ah! There it is! I wend my way through some prickly undergrowth which catches my jacket; but this doesn't stop me! I'm on my way to a treasure of gold and my eyes already spot the hidden patch with yellow faces lifted to the sunshine! Oh Lord! You are good to me!

My sis and I will have lots of flowers for our card-making!
Just the other day she told me that last years flowers were all used. Sis has no way to get flowers on her own. She will be 95 in the fall; but you would not know it; as she crochets like the wind, decorates cards with the flowers I send and also makes beautiful flower- bookmarks---and she gives most all, away! She lives alone and takes care of herself and makes goodies or chicken soup for her neighbors in the Apt. house where she lives. I am blessed to have a Godly saint as my sister!

Now where was I?
Oh yes! I'm busy snipping beautiful wild yellow violets! My kleenex box has enough, for now, and I weave through the path to return to the house---but wait! What is this??? Oh my goodness!--- Another favorite wild flower! And more than I saw last year! These flowers have delicate long stems with graceful leaves and faint purple-pink small blossoms. They dry perfectly and are great as fillers with larger flowers. I can hardly believe how many I see!

I just kept bent over, creeping along and snipping the flowers---happy as a singing Lark with out a care in the world, when BAM! Something hit just above my right eye, knocking my glasses a-skew! Took me back a moment! Then the thought came to me---"Oh a black eye!" I quickly laid my hand on that spot and plead the blood of Jesus! Nothing could ruin this lovely day! I stood-up to see what hit me. Snuggled in the underbrush was a fallen tree limb, pointed like a low cannon, ready to fire! It was about 2 and 1/2'' round with a flat end, and that is what my creeping form hit head on!

Thanking Jesus, I wasn't out cold, I decided I had enough flowers to dry and headed back toward the house with YoYo bouncing along and hairy black ears flying in a slight breeze.
Home at last, and of course I had the usual muddy shoes and 4 paws to clean; but it was worth it to have the lovely wild flowers. After getting us settled-in, I decided I better have a look at that area around the eye. Well!!! Miracle to end all miracles---not a trace of anything! No bump, no red spot, nothing, just same ole me! Praise You Lord! you are so good to your children!

Another perfect flower day, and all I have to do now is to prepare them---immediately; because a wilted flower cannot be dried. With what I had picked, there were several hours of steady work ahead for me; however I was so happy over the gift of so many wild flowers--- and especially the "Miracle"---
that time flew by quickly and another day had come to an end. YoYo was happy and I was very happy and tired. Thank you Father, for a perfect day You made for us, and many who will be happy to see flowers on cards and bookmarks this next winter. Bless You Lord, Bless You!

Friday, August 6, 2010


These past months have flown by like the small birds that dart swiftly past my bedroom window. When I awaken in the morning, my eyes open to a world of greenery with squirrels playing tag with each other and swinging dangerously from thin branches---not a care in this world! I still wouldn't want to be one of them!

I often wonder about the tiny birds that fly swift as an arrow past my view. Do they know where they are going? Why all this swift flying? Do they, too, think that life is moving fast and they must hurry?

During these morning hours, I have the luxury of not hurrying from my bed, as in younger days.

I well remember the pressing times the clock beckoned me to get going! Ah! Being older does have some advantages.

My dog "YoYo" is a late sleeper, so I don't have to worry about putting him outside. He is usually snuggeled down in his own bed and sometimes dreaming with soft "doggie sounds" floating in the air. Wonder what dogs dream about. Probably double or triple "treats!" Iam pretty sure if I should yell into the night, "TREATS!" He would immediately pounce on me. Some people would say---"Oh to have a dogs life!"

Not me! I finally like being who Iam. With all truthfullness, I have to say, " God did it." Finally,---I understand that most of us who surrendered our life to Christ Jesus, in a time of crisis, know the true expression of "God did it."
There is something "supernatural" about being plucked out of a tough situtation, by God's hand. You don't ever forget "The Hand" that pulled you from the fire; nor His Hand that lovingly guided you into another world of thought. A world that you never imagined how it could, or ever would, capture your heart so completely.
A new world where everything looked brighter! The trees and grasses looked greener, and the flowers seemed to beckon you to come and smell the fragrance that surrounded them. One walked in this world with eyes that were seeing, for the very first time, all nature abounding in color with musical sounds that floated in the air around you.
This was my introduction to being "Born Again!"
You might wonder, if I ever came out of that wonderworld. My reply would have to be, "yes," and "no."
His wonder-world washed me from the old into the new! Once I was washed in the fountain of His desire for me, then I could be trusted to know that some roses have no fragrance! These were the times I would have to patiently wait upon the Lord.
My world was opened to all I had missed. It took 47 yrs. of my life to finally surrender to something so wonderful that I can hardly describe it. Suddenly I liked so many things that I never paid much attention too.
A world of Holy Spirit attention was opened to me. The Bible captured my thoughts with Holy Spirit pouring new wine into a new wine-skin, and I loved it!
Little miracles kept popping up everywhere.
One that gave me years of joy, included a "Lap-Harp" that I was guided to purchase without even knowing why I was purchasing it, much less the fact I had never played one! It turned out that Holy Spirit would lead me to read the Psalms, take a portion of the words, and then give me tunes to the words. Tunes in the night and tunes in the day kept me busy learning how to play this instrument. What was really most important, was that this would be the means of learning Scripture, plus giving love and joy of God's Words, to many souls in many different places

Along with learning Psalm words and tunes, Holy Spirit taught me to take Bible characters, and weave stories around them, using the Psalm tunes. These stories were a means of spreading the Gospel. Oh how He works in our lives! Now, the Lap Harp is silent, and sits alone beside my organ. What memories it holds for me, and I pray that the stories it told, with sweet sounds, touched hearts that will remember David's words as He talked with God.

And so I say, "Good night dear friends, and God's blessings upon your thoughts." I love talking with you, and best of all-------------
"I Love Talk'n to the Lord!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My father, Irvin Edward Benninghoff, was a gentle spirit. One might say, surrendered.
This writing will not attempt to have you, my reader, know him from birth; but just a small portion of how I saw my father.
My mother, Catherine E. Benninghoff, was also a gentle spirit. A woman with great awareness of life around her. Her giving of me, in birth, almost ended both our lives.
These two important people, I will love forever.

This blog will speak only of a few things that I remember of my father and mother. My purpose is to show just a bit of their lives, and mine, intertwined like a delicate piece of lacework.

My father was a Car Inspector for the Nickel Plate Railroad, many years of his life. Sometimes, the cars and engines, had to be side-tracked for various maintenance and safety. Sometimes, we too, have to be Side Tracked.
Dad worked from midnight until 8am. Mom would have his lunch pail ready at 11: 30 pm, with good food she had made especially for his taste buds, and on those awful cold nights, warm clothing and boots were set-out to make sure he was protected against the elements.

When dad came home in the morning, he didn't go to bed; but instead, Spring, Summer, and Fall, he would tend his favorite project---the Garden! Dad loved that garden! It was the best garden around and all the neighbors shared in this garden. That was the best part for dad---giving away beautiful fresh vegetables! The neighbors loved him! Oh, not just for his garden! Dad would stop what he was doing to help anyone who needed it. They could count on "Irve" to help them!

Dad would proudly bring in his fresh produce and say, "Here you are Kate!" "Everything just like you asked." I can still see that big smile and twinkling eyes as he set the produce down and proceeded to put his arms around mom, who shyly pulled away. Dad was very affectionate; but mom seemed always shy. What happened to those immodest days?

Now mother canned most all the food that dad grew. She was a real artist when it came to canning (not to mention all the clothes she made for 3 girls!). Mom didn't just throw the food into the glass jars! She carefully placed vegetables, until they looked like a palette of color and design. One would think she was trying to paint a masterpiece!
When mom wanted a jar of something for supper, she would ask me to go down to the cellar and fetch it for her. I always hurried past the big scary old rumbling furnace with the dark-open coal bin close-by---then I could open the door to a riot of color, where Ball, Kerr, and Mason Jars stood like full-dressed soldiers waiting for me to give orders! This day, mom said I could pick any jar of fruit I wanted! Oh Boy! Peaches! My favorite! Mom canned the best peaches in the whole world! This day was a good side-track!

Now dad had chances to be promoted on up to engineer; but this would take him out-of-town for 3 days and mom did not like that at all! it was important then, to have the man of the house at home. Although it would mean more income, mom said she would do her part to help; as she wanted dad home!
So mom stuck to her word and washed and ironed Dr. Applebee's shirts!
He was very fussy and collars had to be starched and ironed perfectly! Mom could do this!
I guess this was a good side-track as we got to have dad home.
So how about you? Had some side-tracks" lately?
1929 (black Tuesday) was one of those "side tracks" that effected most Americans.
As a little girl, in age, I just barely remember a man with white hair, getting out of a black car and going into our house. What I do remember, is that when he left, my mom was crying---something I had never seen. FORECLOSURE!!! Sound familiar?
How does a mother tell her little girl that she could no longer live in the home she was born in?
Mother was silent. SIDE TRACKED.
I missed my birth-home terribly! Everything was different and strange to me. At my other home, I knew everyone up and down the street. We were all friends and shared in each others joys or sorrows. To this day, I can tell you all the people who lived in each house. You could say in modern slang---I was "nuts" about that street. The name of that street was, Walnut. (bad joke) and next is worse yet---we moved to Hickory Street!
Since this blog seems long, I am going to stop and continue another time. I pray that you enjoyed some of my ramblings of the past, and if I don't get back to it, nothing lost, I just got
SIDE TRACKED WITH LOVE of the Lord,--- calling me! Charlotte