Sunday, January 22, 2012

The world is tossing to and fro, and during this time, we as Christians, must keep our vessel afloat and remember Who is our Anchor.
Who has directed our path up to this point, and Who will continue?
I pray your answer is the same as mine---Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour!
With the true story that I want to tell you next, may you relax, and find that Holy Spirit is truly our helper in all situtations.
In my last Blog, I have set the stage, here, for another adventure where Holy Spirit will definetly be a Precious Helper.
Please understand, I am definetly feeling alone, as to having any Christian friends.
One day I was in a desperate mood and wondering how I was ever going to find any Christians. I terriably missed the fellowship that came immediately after I was saved. Pouring out my heart to God, once more I got into my "bug" and headed for a nearby road that had a number of houses lined-up on it. Speaking aloud ---"Lord! Help me find some Christians!" Silence. I didn't know a soul on this road; but surely, some house could give me a clue!
Up and down the road my little "bug" chugged several times until I made a decision that started my heart to race. I couldn't just keep going past the same houses. A decision had to be made! Picking out one house, I decided I would just find out!
Going up to the door, with my heart raceing, I gently knocked and almost hoped that no one was home because I really did not know what I was going to say.
I was about to leave, with a sigh of relief, when the door opened!
A tall lady stood before me, and I somehow blurted out, "Does a Christian
live here?" From behind her, a voice came from a high balcony, that said,
"Praise The Lord" "Christians live here!"
Breathing a sigh of relief, they invited me to come in and we had a wonderful conversation!
The voice from the balcony was a man that headed Home Prayer Meetings!
Imagine that!!!
Well you can imagine the good time we had, talking about the Lord!
This was the start of being able to be in fellowship with God's saints, and even resulted in being baptised completely in water---just like Jesus! That is another story that sometime I might get to share it with you.
Our Lord is full of surprises, and He has given me many to share, that you might see how merciful He is to us.
Until another time, keep reading and talk'n to the Lord. He will bless you!

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