Sunday, January 8, 2012

GG's CATCH-UP for 2012

Finally! A new Blog is in order! Can't say what has happened to the time---I just know it went-by!
To catch-up a bit---the Spring and Summer days found me collecting flowers to dry and put on cards for our 20th Nov. sale.
This time is also very busy keeping-up with outside work. Planting flowers to put on my deck and also in my garden.
While my daughter and her husband were away several times during the summer, GG kept 3 dogs eating and playing ball! Seeing that plants had enough water, and weeding!
Late fall I collected some unusual leafs for drying, and then they were put into
interesting designs on card-stock.
November we had our usual Card Sale for friends and new friends. The family-room was ablaze with beautiful color and designs that were turned into unusual
cards. Even though last year and this year were a bit down in sales, we appreciated people taking time from their busy days to come and see what was new.
I have promised myself that I would get back to Portrait Painting after Christmas---well, the new year is in full swing and I haven't even started!
It took awhile to get my house back in order after taking down too many
decorations---but I love it! Through the years, friends have gifted me with
unusual gifts and I always look forward to decorating my house with them!

My Grandmother had a very large German Bible that she kept out in full view, right beside her chair and library table. Somehow I received it. After many years, it was falling apart and I decided to take it apart and keep all the pictures
and many drawings. There were sketches of the disciples---about 2x2 in size, and I decided to paint them---one by one. I still have 5 to do. Right now, Steven is still looking at me from my easel!
What is happening to the time???
Something nice to share with you-----I believe I have been Journaling most of my life and didn't even know it. I just knew I had many small notebooks where I would write down thoughts of what I wanted to remember. I started to see these pretty larger notebooks and I couldn't resist buying one now and then, plus my daughter and friends would give me unusal Journaling books---loved it!
This began my journey with the Lord in writing down my thoughts to him.
You can Journal any time that is best for you and I liked that; however mostly, I start my day with talk'n to the Lord. I simply adore Him and it is a pleasure to spend my morning telling Him this!
He has already given me my next talk-time to you and I can hardly wait to prepare it!
The evening is fast closing and I must say goodnite and God's blessings to each of you. With love, GG Charlotte

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