Sunday, December 6, 2009


Her hair was white as snow! And a bun, perched atop her head, seemed to look like a floating halo. This was my Grandmother.

" Grandma," I asked, "Are you an Angel?" I can still hear her laugh and see her eyes roll Heavenward. "Goodness child!" "Where do you get such thoughts?" "I can't fly!"

Well, Grandma settled the Angel question; but I still thought Grandma was my Angel and I simply adored her.

When my mother would say, "Why don't you go down to Grandma's house." I was out the door before she finished the word Grandma, and I skipped the full block to her big white house!

Grandma seemed to make all my "make-believes" come true. One "make believe" I shall never forget, was given to me on Christmas Eve.

Now Grandma was an old German woman, and she didn't waste words on me; but her deeds spoke words of their own. She knew that little girls dream, just as she had dreamed of coming to America. When Grandma was 21 yrs. old, she left her family and friends, and all alone, in a small sailing vessel, she crossed a stormy sea to arrive in a land that she had dreamed about for many years.

Grandma had what I called, a "Secret Room." The door to that room was always closed---except for special occasions. One such occasion was on Christmas Eve!
After Church, we would all stop at Grandma's house. Running and sliding on the long sidewalk leading to her front porch, and flying up her grand steps, I stopped ---
I had not expected to see a beautiful candle-lit tree!

Grandma had pulled back her pretty lace curtains so we could see her tree glowing through the window. I pressed my hands against the windowpane and looked up to see an Angel holding a shimmering star at the very top of the tree! In a moment, the Angel was gone; but the star was in place and shining brightly.
Once inside Grandma's house, I could see that the "Secret Room" was open! Indeed, this was a special occasion!!!
Grandma's parlor looked and smelled like what I thought Heaven must be like. The old varnished wood fireplace with green surrounding tiles, gave off pungent wood smells that intermingled with the smells of evergreen boughs. And something in brown mugs made my mouth water---oh!---HOT COCA with a big marsh-mallow floating on top!!!
I wanted to ask Grandma if this was what heaven was like; but after her Angel answer, I just
thought I had better be still; besides I spied something under the tree!
Dare I look? Was it for,---ME ? Sure enough! My name was in BIG letters---so it must be for ME !
I looked at Grandma and she was smiling. When Grandma smiled, I knew that everything was all right. She spoke, "Go kinder, it is for you!" "Open it!"
I carefully unwrapped this " BIG " package. The first thing my eyes saw, were a new pair of scissors. I never had a pair of new scissors! Were these really for me? I looked over at Grandma with a question on my lips that was silenced. Grandma was still smiling and nodding her head. It was at that moment that I saw the BIG FAT BOOK!
This was the very book that I had seen Grandma looking through many many times. Oh how I wanted that book because it had all of my make-believes! Why I could build a whole house for myself and have anything I wanted! I could even have a Washing Machine like mama wanted, and beautiful dresses! Shoes! Lots of shoes! Even real silk-stockings! I would never have to wear long underwear again as they made my cotton outer socks wind around and around!

Looking over at Grandma, she was still smiling, and so I ran to hug and kiss her and tell her that this was the best present I ever got!!!

And that is how I got to be the proud owner of a used Sears & Roebuck Catalog!

You see, Grandma remembered how little girls dream. She knew the hours of "make believe"
were just ahead for me.
To this very day, I recall the times spent at Grandma's house, sitting on the linoleum floor of her dining-room---cutting out anything I wanted, so I could put together a make-believe world!

I dedicate this remembrance story to my own daughter, who is a Grandmother to 4 darling
children, and who faithfully gives of herself in many loving ways that they will ever remember
when they are grown. And to all Grandmothers who play such important roles in the lives of their children's children. God bless them!

Friday, September 11, 2009


A lot is being said today about our freedoms; but are we listening? Words can sometimes just be---"talking to the wind" Whatever we think about words spoken,they do matter. Sometimes we are slow to remember words spoken in the past, let alone in the present. Herein is a true story that you may think upon. It is said that we will repeat the past if we refuse to learn from it. I pray not.

This story began in the year 1946, just a few number of months after the WWII. One symbol of FREEDOM stands in the harbor of New York City and shining its light to welcome everyone. A young woman stands on the deck of a well-worn Liberty Ship which is just passing the Statue of Liberty.

Looking toward the Statue, now, would not hold the same meaning to her as it would in another years time. In the year of 1947, the "lady" still stood, shining forth her light as usual; but gazing upon the Statue, the young woman felt a restlessness in her spirit. She had witnessed what war can do to people and their country.
Memories of the past year flooded her thoughts: Old and war-weary eyes that held fast to the ground. Hungry eyes that questioned. Hitler's Youth with eyes of hate. The very tall crematory chimney of Dachau, reaching into the sky as if to dispel the anguished cries. The gas-chamber, cold, and with a low ceiling that held gas- jets looking like pleasant showerheads. Knee-high blood-stained walls that still held inprints of clutching fingers, reaching for life---their crime? Living, just living, like you and me.

No matter they were Jewish---God's chosen! These thoughts and more raced through her mind as the old requisitioned creaking-wood ship crept past "Freedom's Light." It would not be until many years later that the young woman would know the true meaning of freedon which is more intense to an awakened spirit that has been thoroughly cleansed by Jesus applying His very own blood.

This she would know and grow as the years passed.

This experience (my own) was given that we might consider more in thought and prayer, about the word FREEDOM. The past can be a teacher for our future, or a repeat.
Even the people who did not believe Hitler, were slow to give up their comfortable way of life. Regretable, as most did not survive. The past may not be repeated in the same manner; as bondage comes in many different forms. The Scriptures are our best teacher, and for a start---the temptation in the garden: The Serpent was eazy to look upon and very clever in speech. Then we have Exodus and God's Covenant, Promises, and Prophecies. We can easily get answers from God; but the people,then ,were too busy with their own ways, to hear what He had to tell them. Sound familiar? Christians, living today, cannot afford to follow uncertain words. God has given us His Word to follow. His words are TRUTH and this is what we need to have FREEDOM. The choice is before us: FREEDOM OR BONDAGE!
May God help us to always pray to be in His will. In His Love, Great Grandmother Charlotte

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Summer, with it's lovely long days will soon fade into fall. Most of the flowers that graced the ground around my home, are sleeping for awhile.

Living here is a wonderful, almost daily adventure.My daughter Ann and husband Ray, cleared a portion of 5 acres in 1990 so they could build a home and continue to raise their three children here. Private quarters were carved-out for Grandma, with an outdoor deck and flower garden. A new home was God's special gift and His timing was perfect!

For you who are reading this, and in need of special attention from your Father God, HOLD ON! It is His pleasure to give gifts to His children, and His timeing will always be perfect!

While it is still fresh in my thoughts, I want to tell you about this past Spring when I desired to find some wild yellow violets.

Around our home we have lots of purple violets; but yellow violets like to hide among the greenery of the forest.

One night, Ray told me that he had seen some yellow violets in the back woods. I was so excited that I toyed with taking my trusty flash lite and finding them! My spirit of common sense took over---NONSENSE!

"And There Are Things In The Night That Go BUMP" This was a book that my sweet mother in love use to read to her children, and then their children. SCAREY! She would just laugh as they snuggled closer to her.

This brought back my sensible reasoning for not venturing out into the darkness.

I remembered a scarey time when my dog "YOYo" awakened me from a sound sleep with his growling---the kind of growl that says something is amiss! In the distance I could hear screeching noises. Slipping quietly out of bed, I started for my outside door, with "YOYO" bouncing ahead of me, in the dark. Opening the door a tiny bit, I could clearly hear the screeching sounds coming from the edge of the woods. All I could think of was---HYAENAS! What a howl they were making!!! Not being able to do anything about it, I decided to go back to bed. A disappointed "YOYO" lingered behind; as he wanted to search-out this noise. Those animals would have made mincemeat out of him! Which reminded me that in the future I had better listen for sounds when I put "YOYO" out before his bedtime!!! The next morning I told Ann about the Hyaenas, and she laughed and laughed! " Mother, we don't have Hyaenas!" You heard Coyotes!" I looked up Hyaenas in the Dictionary. They live in Africa. Hmmf! Now that Iam older, Ann seems to always be right.

Sometimes our big outdoor dog, "Will" (where did that name come from?) who has a terriable loud bark, and when he keeps it up, then comes shots in the nite! "Will" has a raccoon up a tree and Ray is helping things along. You don't want to mess with a cornered coon unless you got your gun handy!

Now, where was I? Oh yes, man and dog go after coons, and little ole ladies go after yellow
violets; but not in the night!

So---the next morning I slap on my old pink hat and away I go with my empty kleenex box and sissors. You don't want to forget the hat---spider webs!

After walking a short distance, I reached the back woods. Speaking aloud to the wind, trees, or whatever, I said, "Just where would a patch of yellow ------Oh!----Oh My!"

I was looking at 2 tall oaks nearby, and a brillant ray of sunshine streaming down between
them, settled upon a patch of-----YELLOW VIOLETS!!!

After a few moments of awe-struck silence, I moved closer to view this display of beautiful wild yellow violets which actually looked ethereal, with the sun streaming upon them.

I felt like I was invadeing a very special place that God had reserved.

"Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give thee the desire of thine heart"

Softly I said, "Thank you Lord, You are truly my delight."

As I knelt down beside the yellow violets, I spoke aloud, "I'll only take a few." " You will make more, and these will be put on special cards, with Godly words to make people happy."

All was very quiet. Standing up, I looked at this beautiful given-gift. One couldn't tell I had
taken any of the yellow violets. The woods seem to be shimmering with golden sunlight.

Walking back to my house, and holding the kleenex box, brimming with the color of gold, I
couldn't help thinking that what I had just witnessed, was given by my loving Father---His
joy to give to His children, and my heart-felt thanks in receiving!

God's promises are for you too! Love and blessings, Great Grandma Charlotte

Friday, August 14, 2009


There are many thoughts that I have wanted to share with you. When you are my age, you can pull-up or out, many happenings.
My main reason for this blog is to share what Holy Spirit has put upon my heart, and that is for believers to desire more of Him, which will enrich a Spiritual life.
We are on an earthly journey, and it can be a joyous one in preparation of going back home.
Here is an interesting way an old saint put it:
"Iam Spiritually minded, my feet are upon the earth; but my heart is in heaven. It is good to be in both realms, and to adjust yourself. That is real living."
I pray you enjoy this type of living that reflects the promises of God.
Until our next visit, may He watch over you with lingering eyes of protection and love that reaches deep into your heart. Great Grandma Charlotte

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Have you found yourself being somewhat wilted over all that is happening in this world?
You are not alone. Most people, who love the Lord, are concerned and trying their best to understand the problems appearing before their eyes.
Now is the time to remember " the foundation of God stands sure, having the seal, the Lord knows them that are His." (II Tim 2:19 a)
When Paul writes these words to Timothy, his intent is to encourage this young man, and dear brother in the Lord, to be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus. Paul has much to say to Timothy, and chapter 3 even sounds like what we are experiencing today!
Be encouraged! God knows when our faith will be tested and He will be our hiding place, and He will preserve us from all trouble.
Do we believe what He tells us?
I believe all He tells us; but I must say that there are times I have to crank-up my faith, and that's ok, cause this is why He left His Word. He knew we would need encouragement. He tells me to continually put His Word deep-down in my spirit so I can search through these treasurers, when needed. Many times I have had to go treasure hunting!
A great treasure to draw upon is the book of Psalms. They let us know that even through tough times we are able to Praise God and receive peace.
A life example:
There was a period in my life when I needed peace and assurance that God would help me endure circumstances that seemed unbearable. God's answer was to give me songs in the day and songs in the nite!
How did He do that? He led me to the book of Psalms and the Holy Spirit would point out certain words that He would put to music for me. He also supplied an organ and a small lap-harp, and even taught me to play them. The lap-harp was a special blessing as it ministered to others in many different locations. Giving away the Love He gave me! This, I believe, is God's secret love weapon!
The Lap-Harp does not roam anymore. It sits quietly within view as I continue to play His melodies on the organ. By the way, I really don't play worth a hoot; but Jesus doesn't seem to mind.
Speaking of songs--- walking around our wooded grounds, I am greeted by happy sounds from various birds, and even the the wind in the tall oaks have a song of their own. I encourage you to find a quiet place that you can claim as your very own, and God will meet you there with a certain song of joy!
Recently, I was reading some words that David Wilkerson wrote:
" The birds sing while we complain and speak of fear and anxiety. The lilies of the field stand tall in their glory,---while we wilt and bend before the smallest adversity."
Something is very wrong here and it is not the birds nor the lilies! Could it be our
With anxious news swirling about the airwaves, we are going to have to keep on the "whole armour of God" And having done all we know how to do---STAND!!!
Lets make sure that if our ears hear, or our eyes see things that bring anxiety to our well-being, that we will go treasure hunting in words that are promised by our Holy Father! His Word will always lift you to soar in the heavenlies!
His Love is peace and joy.
My love to you, Great Grandmother Charlotte

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Many years ago I received a decorated Bird House. Pretty little thing; but years later it needed some attention. I stripped off the "pretties" and nailed it to a post on the deck and right where I could see it from my French Doors. If birds would use it, I wanted to see the action!
Several years later, I happened to see two little birds going in and out of the tiny hole of the house. They were busy putting bits of nesting! Ah! At last babies!
One day while sweeping the deck, I happened to notice a web of tiny spiders that had attached itself to the Bird House. This would never do! Carefully, I lifted my broom and swept them away! In doing so, my side vision caught something flying by---I must have scared mama. Having just a bit left to sweep, I continued.
All at once my broom made contact with something---I had swept what appeared to be a gray ball right off the end of the deck---Oh My! A baby bird!!! And if that wasn't bad enough, it fell into a hole near the house foundation! Panic set in as I tried to reach into the hole to get the baby. As my hand would get near, the baby would move away and more dirt would fall down on it!" Help!"" How deep is this hole?" " Oh my !" A BIG FAT SLUG clung to the underside of the hole! I hate slugs! I closed my eyes and tore him lose---flinging him behind me! "Jesus!"" Please help!"
My hand made contact with the baby and out he came, only to have me drop him, and now he wobbled under the deck! Although the deck is open on three sides, I surely could not crawl under it to get the poor thing! I barely could see him; but he was squawking. This presents a problem! "How will the baby survive?"
"Please God, I almost killed this baby and now how will his mama find him?"
Have you ever heard the voice of God? He doesn't shout or get excited, He just says what is needed. This time it was six words:" Be Still and See a Miracle!"
So I sat down in a chair opposite the Bird house to wait the outcome of whatever God had in mind.
Suddenly the mama and daddy came back and heard their baby crying. As they frantically tried to locate him, my eyes caught movement at the Bird House opening, where a gray puff-ball suddenly plopped down onto the deck and fell off the front side!
I stayed still cause that's what I was told to do. Mama and daddy were busy giving orders to two babies
as I viewed a third baby do the same as the one before him, yep, fall off the deck! So now we got mama and daddy all chirping on the ground. Could there be a fourth? Yep! There he was, showing a ball of gray fuzz.
I had an old antique wire flower-planter that reached as high as the Bird House. Now this baby was acting differently. He flopped from wire to wire like a drunken trapeze artist, putting on quite a show for me. Then he too fell off the deck and joined the crowd below which seemed to be cheering him on!
Well, I thought, this has truly been a miracle, when suddenly to my amazement, a fifth baby appeared in the hole and followed the wire planter, down to the deck, and promptly fell off just like the rest!
Now I know why the first baby fell out of the nest---they must have been stacked one upon another!
Again, my thought: This is the end of a beautiful miracle, orchestrated by God!
Never-ever did I expect what was to come next!
Mama and daddy had the babies together, when around the end of the deck comes" GRACIE"
This is not good at all! "More help God!"
"Gracie" is our white cat who we got to keep the mice away; however she not only brings mice to the door, but birds! BAD CAT! We need to change her name!!!
I bolted from my chair to lure her back up the path, away from the babies, and as I looked back to see if she was following, she sure was---with a baby in her mouth!!!
My heart leaped! Oh God! Help!!!
Just then Ray (my son in love) came down the path. "Oh Ray, I cried!" " Make Gracie drop the baby!"
He moved toward Gracie, not quite knowing what it was all about, when suddenly Gracie dropped the baby from her mouth, and another miracle to make my day---the baby wobbled down the path right back to its mama and daddy !
All these miracles in one day was a bit much for this great grandma, and she too, wobbled down the path, and up onto the deck to sit down and think over all that had happened!
The little Bird House is silent now.
A lesson we can learn from these miracles?
When the Lord speaks, LISTEN ! and OBEY ! You never know when a MIRACLE will pass your way.
Love and hugs, Great Grandma Charlotte

Friday, July 10, 2009

+++ Thoughts +++

There is one particular spot by the Sea of Galilee, that as a very young Christian, I stood and thought about the words that Jesus spoke to the people who gathered on this beautiful grassy area. This ground sloped down to the sea and people could bring their families and enjoy a day watching boats going by and talking to one another while their children played nearby. In the eyes of my heart, I see Jesus watching the people. A thoughtful look upon His face. His thoughts are interupted by a young man who addresses Him.

"Master, my mother and father and sisters would like to hear You speak. They have heard from others that You speak as one knowing God!" Jesus, with smiling eyes, answers, " Go tell your mother and father and sisters, that their desire is fullfilled this day."

As Jesus began to speak, all eyes turned to where He was standing. Even the little children seem to understand that something special was about to happen. All is hushed as eyes look expectantly to where Jesus is standing. Like a beautiful floating cloud over the sea, that carries with it imagineable images and pure sounds, these words are carried to the peoples ears-----

"Today you receive words of Life, and Life more abundantly!" As Jesus was about to continue, several children run to where He stands. Mothers can be heard trying to call them back; but these words sound among their calls, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of God!" Jesus streches His arms out to encircle the little ones who quietly lean into this loving circle. He continues to speak words that enter peaceful ,and yes, some troubled hearts. Love abounds this day! Just as the little children ran to Jesus, so we need to continually do the same.

Could this be one of the reasons why Jesus asked us to come to Him as little children? The older we grow, the easier it is to emulate a small child. As a little girl, I would pretend a lot! My two sisters and brother were older and didn't play with me, so I played alone with my doll, talking to her with funny sounds that I would speak. Now I think of these "funny sounds" and wonder if the Holy Spirit had a good time playing with me. I was very happy when I could play "make believe" as we called it. Jesus' Words flow like living water and will splash over each of us. All we have to do is listen, for---"eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him"

In His precious Love, Great Grandmother Charlotte

Friday, June 12, 2009

I have been asking our Lord what to put on this first message for you. This is what He said, "Why don't you put "Love Song" one of the songs I gave you? That sounded perfect to me

and I started to hum it, and then I looked in the songs He gave me and found it to be in the year of 1987 June 27th. Perfect Lord! And here it is, just for you, from the Lord.

Love's song is knowing Jesus

and sharing this Love

for a Love song

is never ending

when a Love goes on

and then this

Love song becomes your answer

to all you ask of Him

A Love song

sung together

Will give you all His Peace

May the words of Jesus start your day with Love, Charlotte