Friday, September 11, 2009


A lot is being said today about our freedoms; but are we listening? Words can sometimes just be---"talking to the wind" Whatever we think about words spoken,they do matter. Sometimes we are slow to remember words spoken in the past, let alone in the present. Herein is a true story that you may think upon. It is said that we will repeat the past if we refuse to learn from it. I pray not.

This story began in the year 1946, just a few number of months after the WWII. One symbol of FREEDOM stands in the harbor of New York City and shining its light to welcome everyone. A young woman stands on the deck of a well-worn Liberty Ship which is just passing the Statue of Liberty.

Looking toward the Statue, now, would not hold the same meaning to her as it would in another years time. In the year of 1947, the "lady" still stood, shining forth her light as usual; but gazing upon the Statue, the young woman felt a restlessness in her spirit. She had witnessed what war can do to people and their country.
Memories of the past year flooded her thoughts: Old and war-weary eyes that held fast to the ground. Hungry eyes that questioned. Hitler's Youth with eyes of hate. The very tall crematory chimney of Dachau, reaching into the sky as if to dispel the anguished cries. The gas-chamber, cold, and with a low ceiling that held gas- jets looking like pleasant showerheads. Knee-high blood-stained walls that still held inprints of clutching fingers, reaching for life---their crime? Living, just living, like you and me.

No matter they were Jewish---God's chosen! These thoughts and more raced through her mind as the old requisitioned creaking-wood ship crept past "Freedom's Light." It would not be until many years later that the young woman would know the true meaning of freedon which is more intense to an awakened spirit that has been thoroughly cleansed by Jesus applying His very own blood.

This she would know and grow as the years passed.

This experience (my own) was given that we might consider more in thought and prayer, about the word FREEDOM. The past can be a teacher for our future, or a repeat.
Even the people who did not believe Hitler, were slow to give up their comfortable way of life. Regretable, as most did not survive. The past may not be repeated in the same manner; as bondage comes in many different forms. The Scriptures are our best teacher, and for a start---the temptation in the garden: The Serpent was eazy to look upon and very clever in speech. Then we have Exodus and God's Covenant, Promises, and Prophecies. We can easily get answers from God; but the people,then ,were too busy with their own ways, to hear what He had to tell them. Sound familiar? Christians, living today, cannot afford to follow uncertain words. God has given us His Word to follow. His words are TRUTH and this is what we need to have FREEDOM. The choice is before us: FREEDOM OR BONDAGE!
May God help us to always pray to be in His will. In His Love, Great Grandmother Charlotte