Monday, April 11, 2011


Looking through my kitchen window, I longingly desired to see some sun shining! For many days Oregon was just plain WET! What happened to the Sun, Lord?

I turned to fill a glass of water and thru the glass I saw a bright light---looking up I saw the Sun shining through my window as if to say, "How about this?"

Well I can tell you that I was at a loss for words; but it didn't take me long to recover as out came---"Praise the Lord!" "Now stay out long enough to dry things up a bit!"

I laughed thinking that would be a Miracle; however as the day wore on, the Sun continued to shine and the weather was warmer and suddenly my thoughts were---"yellow violets!"
Out loud I said, "I wonder if I can find that patch of yellow violets in the woods?" YoYo's ears perked-up when he heard the word "woods" and he started toward the door! "Wait YoYo! I got to put on my mud shoes!" YoYo stood at the door ready to go, right now! He eyed me sitting down and I'm sure he thought this was going to take awhile; however I was anxious to get to the woods and before he could settle-in, I was up, slapped my old pink hat on my head, grabbed the scissors and kleenex box and a pair of yellow rubber gloves and out the door with YoYo shooting between my legs! That dog is gonna trip me up one of these days!

We headed for the nearby woods that was just past Ray's Car-Barn, his favorite "Man Cave" where he can spend hours having a good time with his shiny purple car, a winner of many trophies that adorn the Computer Room.
Now, some people just have a dog and Ray has a dog, 2 dogs! One to protect his Man-Cave toys, and many Rhodie plants---and Wife, my daughter, Ann.

Now where was I?
Oh yes! YoYo and I are almost to the woods and hopefully I will find the path to the "yellow violet patch!" Ah! There it is! I wend my way through some prickly undergrowth which catches my jacket; but this doesn't stop me! I'm on my way to a treasure of gold and my eyes already spot the hidden patch with yellow faces lifted to the sunshine! Oh Lord! You are good to me!

My sis and I will have lots of flowers for our card-making!
Just the other day she told me that last years flowers were all used. Sis has no way to get flowers on her own. She will be 95 in the fall; but you would not know it; as she crochets like the wind, decorates cards with the flowers I send and also makes beautiful flower- bookmarks---and she gives most all, away! She lives alone and takes care of herself and makes goodies or chicken soup for her neighbors in the Apt. house where she lives. I am blessed to have a Godly saint as my sister!

Now where was I?
Oh yes! I'm busy snipping beautiful wild yellow violets! My kleenex box has enough, for now, and I weave through the path to return to the house---but wait! What is this??? Oh my goodness!--- Another favorite wild flower! And more than I saw last year! These flowers have delicate long stems with graceful leaves and faint purple-pink small blossoms. They dry perfectly and are great as fillers with larger flowers. I can hardly believe how many I see!

I just kept bent over, creeping along and snipping the flowers---happy as a singing Lark with out a care in the world, when BAM! Something hit just above my right eye, knocking my glasses a-skew! Took me back a moment! Then the thought came to me---"Oh a black eye!" I quickly laid my hand on that spot and plead the blood of Jesus! Nothing could ruin this lovely day! I stood-up to see what hit me. Snuggled in the underbrush was a fallen tree limb, pointed like a low cannon, ready to fire! It was about 2 and 1/2'' round with a flat end, and that is what my creeping form hit head on!

Thanking Jesus, I wasn't out cold, I decided I had enough flowers to dry and headed back toward the house with YoYo bouncing along and hairy black ears flying in a slight breeze.
Home at last, and of course I had the usual muddy shoes and 4 paws to clean; but it was worth it to have the lovely wild flowers. After getting us settled-in, I decided I better have a look at that area around the eye. Well!!! Miracle to end all miracles---not a trace of anything! No bump, no red spot, nothing, just same ole me! Praise You Lord! you are so good to your children!

Another perfect flower day, and all I have to do now is to prepare them---immediately; because a wilted flower cannot be dried. With what I had picked, there were several hours of steady work ahead for me; however I was so happy over the gift of so many wild flowers--- and especially the "Miracle"---
that time flew by quickly and another day had come to an end. YoYo was happy and I was very happy and tired. Thank you Father, for a perfect day You made for us, and many who will be happy to see flowers on cards and bookmarks this next winter. Bless You Lord, Bless You!

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  1. That was such a wonderful story to read after such a demanding 6 hours on the phone. You are a great writing and you add such life to your writing. Thank you for being such a wonderful Mom and such a blessing to so many. I just got off from work about 10 minutes ago and saw this beautiful article. I just had to read it. Yoyo sounds so much like Elijah. When we say out side, he runs to the door. It's amazing how much our pets can understand. Be blessed and I will talk with you soon.