Friday, August 6, 2010


These past months have flown by like the small birds that dart swiftly past my bedroom window. When I awaken in the morning, my eyes open to a world of greenery with squirrels playing tag with each other and swinging dangerously from thin branches---not a care in this world! I still wouldn't want to be one of them!

I often wonder about the tiny birds that fly swift as an arrow past my view. Do they know where they are going? Why all this swift flying? Do they, too, think that life is moving fast and they must hurry?

During these morning hours, I have the luxury of not hurrying from my bed, as in younger days.

I well remember the pressing times the clock beckoned me to get going! Ah! Being older does have some advantages.

My dog "YoYo" is a late sleeper, so I don't have to worry about putting him outside. He is usually snuggeled down in his own bed and sometimes dreaming with soft "doggie sounds" floating in the air. Wonder what dogs dream about. Probably double or triple "treats!" Iam pretty sure if I should yell into the night, "TREATS!" He would immediately pounce on me. Some people would say---"Oh to have a dogs life!"

Not me! I finally like being who Iam. With all truthfullness, I have to say, " God did it." Finally,---I understand that most of us who surrendered our life to Christ Jesus, in a time of crisis, know the true expression of "God did it."
There is something "supernatural" about being plucked out of a tough situtation, by God's hand. You don't ever forget "The Hand" that pulled you from the fire; nor His Hand that lovingly guided you into another world of thought. A world that you never imagined how it could, or ever would, capture your heart so completely.
A new world where everything looked brighter! The trees and grasses looked greener, and the flowers seemed to beckon you to come and smell the fragrance that surrounded them. One walked in this world with eyes that were seeing, for the very first time, all nature abounding in color with musical sounds that floated in the air around you.
This was my introduction to being "Born Again!"
You might wonder, if I ever came out of that wonderworld. My reply would have to be, "yes," and "no."
His wonder-world washed me from the old into the new! Once I was washed in the fountain of His desire for me, then I could be trusted to know that some roses have no fragrance! These were the times I would have to patiently wait upon the Lord.
My world was opened to all I had missed. It took 47 yrs. of my life to finally surrender to something so wonderful that I can hardly describe it. Suddenly I liked so many things that I never paid much attention too.
A world of Holy Spirit attention was opened to me. The Bible captured my thoughts with Holy Spirit pouring new wine into a new wine-skin, and I loved it!
Little miracles kept popping up everywhere.
One that gave me years of joy, included a "Lap-Harp" that I was guided to purchase without even knowing why I was purchasing it, much less the fact I had never played one! It turned out that Holy Spirit would lead me to read the Psalms, take a portion of the words, and then give me tunes to the words. Tunes in the night and tunes in the day kept me busy learning how to play this instrument. What was really most important, was that this would be the means of learning Scripture, plus giving love and joy of God's Words, to many souls in many different places

Along with learning Psalm words and tunes, Holy Spirit taught me to take Bible characters, and weave stories around them, using the Psalm tunes. These stories were a means of spreading the Gospel. Oh how He works in our lives! Now, the Lap Harp is silent, and sits alone beside my organ. What memories it holds for me, and I pray that the stories it told, with sweet sounds, touched hearts that will remember David's words as He talked with God.

And so I say, "Good night dear friends, and God's blessings upon your thoughts." I love talking with you, and best of all-------------
"I Love Talk'n to the Lord!"

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