Saturday, January 21, 2012

Help From God

Do you ever just sit quietly and ponder on the times that God has helped you? It is a wonderful way to renew our minds-thinking, when things have gone a bit off.
Just after I was saved, I had to return to the State where I was living. I was sure there was not a soul saved in this particular tourist-town and I was wondering how I would ever survive! So, I set out to read more of God's Word.

Just where to start? Was there a particular place that God wanted me to read in His Word?

After about 15 minutes,for some reason or other I got in my little "Bug" and just drove down to the next mountain town. Coming into this town, I turned right and then next left, parked on a typical neighborhood street and looked across the street to a house that sold books. Got out of car, walked into the house which I could see was filled with used books. No one approached me. I took a short few steps, reached for a green covered book, saw 25 cents marked on inside cover, paid for book and left.

Well, you might say, "That's strange!" I didn't even think much about how "strange" it was, right then. I did think a bit later---I have never been to that place! Didn't know it existed!

When I returned home, I settled down to have a look at what I purchased for 25 cents. I liked books, and 25 cents sounded like a good buy; but what did I buy? Reading the title it said, "The Greatest Story Ever Told" And other words read: The Timeless Bestselling Life Of Jesus Christ.

So I thought, "Well, this is probably a good book and I'll have a look at it."

Hours later, I reluctantly laid it down. That book explained so much in a very simple manner and as I thought more about it, and how it came to be in my hands,I simply decided it was just what I needed to start me off in God's Word. I just left it there.

Sometime later, I realized what had happened---really a miracle! God knows us so well. He knew I needed to be introduced to Him in a story form that I could understand, simply. He was right. That reading sparked my desire to keep knowing more about the Jesus that had just saved me.

Then, the Bible was opened to me and I was started on the best adventure of my so-far life!

We never know how Holy Spirit will work in our lives; but I do know that if we just trust and let Him have His way with us, that we are in for many welcomed surprises.

In my next Blog, I will tell you of another time where Holy Spirit led me on another adventure!

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