Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Many years ago I received a decorated Bird House. Pretty little thing; but years later it needed some attention. I stripped off the "pretties" and nailed it to a post on the deck and right where I could see it from my French Doors. If birds would use it, I wanted to see the action!
Several years later, I happened to see two little birds going in and out of the tiny hole of the house. They were busy putting bits of nesting! Ah! At last babies!
One day while sweeping the deck, I happened to notice a web of tiny spiders that had attached itself to the Bird House. This would never do! Carefully, I lifted my broom and swept them away! In doing so, my side vision caught something flying by---I must have scared mama. Having just a bit left to sweep, I continued.
All at once my broom made contact with something---I had swept what appeared to be a gray ball right off the end of the deck---Oh My! A baby bird!!! And if that wasn't bad enough, it fell into a hole near the house foundation! Panic set in as I tried to reach into the hole to get the baby. As my hand would get near, the baby would move away and more dirt would fall down on it!" Help!"" How deep is this hole?" " Oh my !" A BIG FAT SLUG clung to the underside of the hole! I hate slugs! I closed my eyes and tore him lose---flinging him behind me! "Jesus!"" Please help!"
My hand made contact with the baby and out he came, only to have me drop him, and now he wobbled under the deck! Although the deck is open on three sides, I surely could not crawl under it to get the poor thing! I barely could see him; but he was squawking. This presents a problem! "How will the baby survive?"
"Please God, I almost killed this baby and now how will his mama find him?"
Have you ever heard the voice of God? He doesn't shout or get excited, He just says what is needed. This time it was six words:" Be Still and See a Miracle!"
So I sat down in a chair opposite the Bird house to wait the outcome of whatever God had in mind.
Suddenly the mama and daddy came back and heard their baby crying. As they frantically tried to locate him, my eyes caught movement at the Bird House opening, where a gray puff-ball suddenly plopped down onto the deck and fell off the front side!
I stayed still cause that's what I was told to do. Mama and daddy were busy giving orders to two babies
as I viewed a third baby do the same as the one before him, yep, fall off the deck! So now we got mama and daddy all chirping on the ground. Could there be a fourth? Yep! There he was, showing a ball of gray fuzz.
I had an old antique wire flower-planter that reached as high as the Bird House. Now this baby was acting differently. He flopped from wire to wire like a drunken trapeze artist, putting on quite a show for me. Then he too fell off the deck and joined the crowd below which seemed to be cheering him on!
Well, I thought, this has truly been a miracle, when suddenly to my amazement, a fifth baby appeared in the hole and followed the wire planter, down to the deck, and promptly fell off just like the rest!
Now I know why the first baby fell out of the nest---they must have been stacked one upon another!
Again, my thought: This is the end of a beautiful miracle, orchestrated by God!
Never-ever did I expect what was to come next!
Mama and daddy had the babies together, when around the end of the deck comes" GRACIE"
This is not good at all! "More help God!"
"Gracie" is our white cat who we got to keep the mice away; however she not only brings mice to the door, but birds! BAD CAT! We need to change her name!!!
I bolted from my chair to lure her back up the path, away from the babies, and as I looked back to see if she was following, she sure was---with a baby in her mouth!!!
My heart leaped! Oh God! Help!!!
Just then Ray (my son in love) came down the path. "Oh Ray, I cried!" " Make Gracie drop the baby!"
He moved toward Gracie, not quite knowing what it was all about, when suddenly Gracie dropped the baby from her mouth, and another miracle to make my day---the baby wobbled down the path right back to its mama and daddy !
All these miracles in one day was a bit much for this great grandma, and she too, wobbled down the path, and up onto the deck to sit down and think over all that had happened!
The little Bird House is silent now.
A lesson we can learn from these miracles?
When the Lord speaks, LISTEN ! and OBEY ! You never know when a MIRACLE will pass your way.
Love and hugs, Great Grandma Charlotte

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