Saturday, August 29, 2009


Summer, with it's lovely long days will soon fade into fall. Most of the flowers that graced the ground around my home, are sleeping for awhile.

Living here is a wonderful, almost daily adventure.My daughter Ann and husband Ray, cleared a portion of 5 acres in 1990 so they could build a home and continue to raise their three children here. Private quarters were carved-out for Grandma, with an outdoor deck and flower garden. A new home was God's special gift and His timing was perfect!

For you who are reading this, and in need of special attention from your Father God, HOLD ON! It is His pleasure to give gifts to His children, and His timeing will always be perfect!

While it is still fresh in my thoughts, I want to tell you about this past Spring when I desired to find some wild yellow violets.

Around our home we have lots of purple violets; but yellow violets like to hide among the greenery of the forest.

One night, Ray told me that he had seen some yellow violets in the back woods. I was so excited that I toyed with taking my trusty flash lite and finding them! My spirit of common sense took over---NONSENSE!

"And There Are Things In The Night That Go BUMP" This was a book that my sweet mother in love use to read to her children, and then their children. SCAREY! She would just laugh as they snuggled closer to her.

This brought back my sensible reasoning for not venturing out into the darkness.

I remembered a scarey time when my dog "YOYo" awakened me from a sound sleep with his growling---the kind of growl that says something is amiss! In the distance I could hear screeching noises. Slipping quietly out of bed, I started for my outside door, with "YOYO" bouncing ahead of me, in the dark. Opening the door a tiny bit, I could clearly hear the screeching sounds coming from the edge of the woods. All I could think of was---HYAENAS! What a howl they were making!!! Not being able to do anything about it, I decided to go back to bed. A disappointed "YOYO" lingered behind; as he wanted to search-out this noise. Those animals would have made mincemeat out of him! Which reminded me that in the future I had better listen for sounds when I put "YOYO" out before his bedtime!!! The next morning I told Ann about the Hyaenas, and she laughed and laughed! " Mother, we don't have Hyaenas!" You heard Coyotes!" I looked up Hyaenas in the Dictionary. They live in Africa. Hmmf! Now that Iam older, Ann seems to always be right.

Sometimes our big outdoor dog, "Will" (where did that name come from?) who has a terriable loud bark, and when he keeps it up, then comes shots in the nite! "Will" has a raccoon up a tree and Ray is helping things along. You don't want to mess with a cornered coon unless you got your gun handy!

Now, where was I? Oh yes, man and dog go after coons, and little ole ladies go after yellow
violets; but not in the night!

So---the next morning I slap on my old pink hat and away I go with my empty kleenex box and sissors. You don't want to forget the hat---spider webs!

After walking a short distance, I reached the back woods. Speaking aloud to the wind, trees, or whatever, I said, "Just where would a patch of yellow ------Oh!----Oh My!"

I was looking at 2 tall oaks nearby, and a brillant ray of sunshine streaming down between
them, settled upon a patch of-----YELLOW VIOLETS!!!

After a few moments of awe-struck silence, I moved closer to view this display of beautiful wild yellow violets which actually looked ethereal, with the sun streaming upon them.

I felt like I was invadeing a very special place that God had reserved.

"Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give thee the desire of thine heart"

Softly I said, "Thank you Lord, You are truly my delight."

As I knelt down beside the yellow violets, I spoke aloud, "I'll only take a few." " You will make more, and these will be put on special cards, with Godly words to make people happy."

All was very quiet. Standing up, I looked at this beautiful given-gift. One couldn't tell I had
taken any of the yellow violets. The woods seem to be shimmering with golden sunlight.

Walking back to my house, and holding the kleenex box, brimming with the color of gold, I
couldn't help thinking that what I had just witnessed, was given by my loving Father---His
joy to give to His children, and my heart-felt thanks in receiving!

God's promises are for you too! Love and blessings, Great Grandma Charlotte

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