Friday, August 14, 2009


There are many thoughts that I have wanted to share with you. When you are my age, you can pull-up or out, many happenings.
My main reason for this blog is to share what Holy Spirit has put upon my heart, and that is for believers to desire more of Him, which will enrich a Spiritual life.
We are on an earthly journey, and it can be a joyous one in preparation of going back home.
Here is an interesting way an old saint put it:
"Iam Spiritually minded, my feet are upon the earth; but my heart is in heaven. It is good to be in both realms, and to adjust yourself. That is real living."
I pray you enjoy this type of living that reflects the promises of God.
Until our next visit, may He watch over you with lingering eyes of protection and love that reaches deep into your heart. Great Grandma Charlotte

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